Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Look At Me Go!

Yes, the website was updated again today. I've added a complete short story, Dinner Party. Enjoy!

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Emma Wildes said...

Kayleigh, my darling!

First, I love the observations. I didn't know you played the violin! My mother plays for the Albuquerque Phiharmonic Orchestra. What an impressive resume...I do think music is like writing. I played the piano for sixteen years (took lessons that long anyway) and yes, a virtuoso performance is difficult to deliver. In the opinion of the artist, it almost never happens. Actually, it just plain never does happen! We all stumble now and then, even in our best efforts. It is called being human.

I love writers who understand how hard the craft is, but pursue the dream anyway! I've been the victim of bad editing, but then again, now I know better (mostly) myself, which helps. Your excerpts are so clean and such a great read...and your editing background shows. My advice to all aspiring writers...see if you can land an editing job! You will learn invaluable things and gain oceans of knowledge about flow, etc.

Enough lecturing...don't I have a book to write?

With much affection and best wishes,

Emma Wildes