Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Great Review for Svetkavista

AORAAG has given Svetkavista 4.43/5, which they tell me is the highest score any novel has received on their site thus far. Here's what the reviewer had to say:

"Rarely does a novel come along with the ability to capture passion and pain, honesty and love so comlpletely. Sensuous, heartfelt and truly beautiful, Svetkavista is one of the best romance reads of the year.

Ms Jamison has managed to create the world of the Romanian Gypsy tribes in brilliant, loving detail. Peppered liberally with the language of the Rom, the storyline is well developed and intriguing, leaving the reader emotionally connected at all times.

Her characters are strong and easy to identify with. Each one is unique and startlingly real.
Breshin with his bravado and haunted past, Papusza, tragic in her longing for the son she has lost, and love she cannot have, and Karina, innocent yet hopeful… all of them endeared themselves to me from the first few pages.

A member of the more rigid Argentari tribe, Karina answers her hearts longing and secretly dances with her lifelong friend Papusza, a member of the lively and funloving L─âutari tribe. Uwittingly, she also catches the eye of the handsome and roguish Breshin, their gifted violinist.
Twenty-three, and unwed because of her obvious mixed heritage, Karina despairs of ever finding a husband. Ultimately, love does find her and fulfils her beyond her wildest dreams, though nearly to her destruction.

The love scenes are romantic and passionate, but the reader should note that there are some f/f and f/m/f elements. Overall, the sex is pleasingly hot and varied.

Svetkavista is so sublime, I found myself wishing it would continue on and on. It is most definitely a must read, not only for the historical romance fan, but for anyone who enjoys an intoxicatingly good story."

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