Sunday, December 17, 2006

JERR Gives Leading Her to Heaven 4 Stars

Title: Leading Her To Heaven
Author: Kayleigh Jamison
Publisher: Aphrodite’s Apples Press
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Ginny Kon
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: O

Just when Lady Susanna Cavendish thought that she was safe from Court intrigue by rusticating in the country, King Henry, to forge a political union with Scotland, went and married her off to a barbarian Scot! Blair Ruthven had the advantage, however, of at least knowing that his bride is of fine face, rather than an old crone like the rest of his clan is expecting. Overcoming ages-old prejudices and their failure to communicate with each other are the least of their problems. There is someone with a decades-old grudge, and another with vengeance in his mind, against the seemingly star-crossed lovers.

Lady Susanna is mercurial in temperament. One minute she is the shy bluestocking innocent, the next minute a spitfire who can curse like a salty tongued sailor. Although Susanna was sheltered from Henry VIII’s immoral court, she was not completely ignorant of it. Well-read, beautiful, and can hold her own with the rest of them are always admirable traits in a heroine. However, in this case, she was a bit too feisty in certain parts that I wanted to avert my eyes from Susanna’s disastrous decisions. But she’s still splendid in all her spirited glory. And Blair complements her very well. A hardened and very noble warrior/assassin, he even avoids casual sex because his playboy brother more than makes up for it by siring sons all over the village! Put Susanna and Blair together, and there is the expected combustible sex – a little BDSM doesn’t hurt either! The sex was great, and there are even some surprises in store for the average historical fan. The story was well paced to keep me interested, with one development after another. The scenes flowed well despite the fact that (or maybe because) there were multiple villains. Even Blair’s brother was likeable in his promiscuity. I can see another story with this redeemable playboy! I only hope Ms Jamison will oblige her new fan.

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