Thursday, August 09, 2007

Updating on the Updates

Dear Readers,

Are you wondering why I've not updated my website when I've had a new release last month? Where are the excerpts, you grumble irritably. I'm no more pleased, I promise you! I had a computer crash in July and lost close to everything. The year and a half old laptop, which has broken three times already, may be savable, but tech support has yet to offer any, well, support. (Yes, my "Death to Dell" campaign will be starting up soon) Even better, the external hard drive I'd been using to back up my laptop crashed within days of the computer fiasco. If Dell doesn't come through, I really will have lost a great deal, including 10,000 words of Woman of the Forest, my retelling of the Ancient Roman legend of Rhea Silvia.

But in other news, you heard right, "Eyes Like Yours" is now available from Red Rose Publishing! Curious as to how my chops fare with contemporary romance? Well, at $0.99, you've no excuse to not check it out. Hurry on over to and grab your copy.

I'm hard at work on Reckless Liasons, book one of my new Scandalous Situations series, exploring my favorite type of hero, the Regency rake. I promise you'll like Sebastian Cade just as much as you enjoy Trevor and Vere. But wait, you haven't met Vere Fane, Earl of Westmorland, yet, have you? Not to worry, "A Scandalous Arrangement" will be released later this month in A Rose Of Any Colour from Freya's Bower. What are your naughtiest fantasies? Vere knows them, and can carry them out all without wrinkling his cravat.

More news soon, darlings.

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