Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Religious Discrimination In Central Florida Hits Close to Home

While I typically reserve my "righteous bitchery" to goings on amidst the publishing world, this particular situation warrants awareness and recognition. This week news broke regarding a University of Florida student who was tasered by police during a speech by former US Presidential candidate John Kerry. This incident comes on the heels of another which occurred earlier this month in Oviedo, Florida (near Orlando). First, I suggest reading this article regarding what happened.

I learned about this from a very good friend of mine who knows the student that was arrested. The unidentified woman who complained, Karen Wong (yep, unidentified no longer, Karen Wong - put that in your pipe and smoke it), has reportedly attacked Jewish UCF students attending services in the past, shouted obscenities at them, and called the police numerous times. Now she complains that she was called anti-semitic; to which I say perhaps that's because you are. That's right, bitch, I said it. You're complaining about parking? I wonder if you have ever had a party at your house. I wonder if anyone has ever parked on the street to visit you? Hmmm?

The student arrested was not, at any time, given his Miranda rights. When the Rabbi wanted to call his attorney, the police refused the request. When the Rabbi inquired about bail, he was told that if he asked again, he too would be arrested for bribing a police officer.

The ACLU is now involved and has taken up the case on behalf of the student. I don't just hope they win. I hope they rip Seminole PD a second asshole. And for those who may criticize me for the harsh word choice, I'd like to know where diplomacy was a week ago in central Florida. The Jewish community certainly saw none.

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