Friday, November 23, 2007

The Newest Jamison

Well, I went away for Thanksgiving, and returned with a new edition to the family.

Shmuckers the rat.

I know what you're thinking. A rat? Yes. Are you insane? Possibly, but hear me out.

I love any and all animals, with one significant exception. I call it the legless exception. If it moves on land and doesn't have legs, I don't like it. Snakes, worms, snakes and worms...I'm deathly afraid of them. My sister and her husband have a pet snake, a ball-nose python named Dino who is, according to them, an idiot. Two weeks ago they put a rat in his cage to feed him. When I was there for Thanksgiving, the rat was alive and well, living in the cage with the snake. In fact, at one point he was sleeping ON the snake. My sister finally started feeding it cat food so it wouldn't starve.

Yes, it's well past time for Dino to eat.
Apparently, he has done this in the past. He won't eat rats that have black or brown spots on them.

He's a racist snake.

My brother in law stated that in another day or two he'd have to take the rat outside and let it go. That or let it be eaten. Me? I couldn't stand any of those options. So this morning I went to the pet store, bought the supplies, and when I drove back home this afternoon it was with Shmuckers the rat packed up in the front seat.

The cats are quite naturally curious, but so far they're taking it in stride.

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