Friday, August 11, 2006

Masquerade Volume One, Available!

One day to indulge your most decadent fantasies
Once a year, Arcadia Island hosts the Masquerade Ball. A few select are invited by the Gods to fulfill their their wildest dreams...

The Golden Lioness
Trista Vine's has been invited to the infamous Masquerade Ball hosted by the greek gods on Mt. Olympus. After choosing her favorite god to bring her fantasy to life, will Trista find herself wanting to remain behind or will she realize that reality can be a much better place?

About the Author: Skyler Grey is a fourth generation Floridian who loves to share her endless imagination of fantasies with her readers who, like herself, love to escape if only for a little while into a world of love, danger and adventure!

Caging Kat
An infamous art thief, Kaitlin has grown bored with her low-profile, high-income lifestyle. Ares, Greek God of War, has had his eye on the feisty Kat for some time. Can he win her over with only one night to tame her wild heart? Can he get what he's always wanted by fulfilling her deepest desires?

About the Author: A writer and musician at an early age, Ms. Jamison wrote her first novella at the age of seven, and first picked up a violin at eight. With a Bachelors degree in English and Philosophy and a Certification in Legal Studies, Ms. Jamison spends her days attending law school and her nights immersed in the rich fantasy worlds of her imagination. Her debut novel, Svetkavista, is available now from Aphrodite's Apples Press.

Water Lily
Lillian Worth isn't familiar with the god Poseidon, but to her amazement, he knows plenty about her. He's been keeping an eye on her for some time before inviting her to the Masquerade Ball at Plantation House on Arcadia Island. There, her wildest fantasies can come true, and Lillian discovers all about Poseidon and a life she never imagined possible.

About the Author: Jamie Hill was born and raised in the Midwest, where she still lives with her husband and two sons. An avid reader, she grew up with Nancy Drew and graduated to mysteries with a touch of romance. She enjoys writing romantic suspense and short stories with erotic and paranormal elements. Please visit Jamie's website at for more information.

Stay With Me
Dionysos, the Greek God of Decadence is feeling dissatisfied, edgy...bored. After 3000 years he's seen it all and done it all. Stay With Me is a tale of new love, and new beginnings, for even the most jaded of immortals.

About the Author: Where the prairies meet the Rockies, in beautiful Alberta, Canada, is where you’ll find Ms. Steele; along with her patient husband, and her two attention deprived sons. “When the writing muse calls,” Alisha explains, “she simply must be heeded.” Ms. Steele's novel, The Summoner, is coming in 2007 from Aphrodite's Apples.