Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Not Dead.

It's true.

I've been caught up in "real life," first with finals (which I passed), then graduation (which I graduated!), then moving 800 miles from Florida back to Maryland where I grew up (hi, Mom!), and now preparing to sit for the Bar in two months time.

Those of you who are lawyers yourself understand. Those who aren't, let's just say this is my 14-hour-a-day commitment for the next 8 weeks. I live and breathe the law.

Which means, of course, that things on the writing front have ground to a halt. Alex is waiting patiently, bless his rakish heart, for me to finish his story. I've been very fortunate in that career #1 and career #2 have been able to co-exist the majority of the time. This, however, is not such a time.

I've only emerged from hibernation to tell you I'm not done hibernating yet. Horrible of me, I know.

Take care, ya'll. I'll see you in two months.