Thursday, April 27, 2006

Recommended Reading

While you wait with bated breath for the official launch of Aphrodite's Apples and some wonderful new novels like H.S. Kinn's Immortal Reveries, Ivana Peter's The Gods Will Play, Katrina Strauss's Secrets Revealed, and Candice Gilmer's Unified Souls (not to mention my own novel, Svetkavista), I'd like to recommend some authors that I have read and enjoyed immensly.

Emma Wildes' newest work, The Letter, is now available through Venus Press. This novella is a delicious historical centered around the Duke of Tellbourne, Jared Warren, and his unruly new bride, Patricia. The story is engaging, the erotica is... engaging, and the entire story is well-written. You all know how much I love historicals.

Then once you've finished The Letter, since you'll no doubt want to read more of Emma's work, I recommend The Arrangement. Another short historical piece, this time we follow Serena Prentice in her quest to seduce her soon-to-be husband, Rayne Talbott. Talbott is strikingly handsome, stubbornly independant, and none too pleased about the imminent nuptials. And, as if this tale needed any further endorsing, I'll just add one more note: girl sex. *squee!*

Teresa Wayne is another very talented writer, and I urge you all to check out her novella, Ghostly Possession, available now through Silk's Vault. This paranormal mystery has sex, mystery, intrigue, and just enough darkness to send a chill up your spine.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Stuff & Things

So what's going on in my world? More than I can handle, as per usual.

My website has been updated, and there is now a very short excerpt from my novel. I'll add more when/if/etc I get the time.

I have been following a muted (and possibly obsessive) fascination the story of one Ms. Lori Jareo, the fanfiction author and supposed professional editor who saw fit to self publish her Star Wars novel, Another Hope, and list it for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's Books.

Several other authors, including John Scalzi, have already provided lengthy discourses on the subject, and all of it stated very well, so I'll spare you. If you aren't familiar with Ms. Jareo's tale of woe and extremely large cojones, where have you been?

At any rate, the rampant discussions on copyright violations prompted me to write a small FAQ on copyright, which can be found here for now. When/if/etc I get the time, I'll put it on my site.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Have you any idea the number of published, erotic authors in the world?

My friends, it's quite daunting. I'll freely admit to being slightly paralyzed by the sheer volume of aspiring and accomplishing writers in this field. However, I must confess an awful secret...

...a published author does not a talented author make.

There you have it. The secret is out. The publishing industry is based on 99% networking and 1% talent. I've read some published erotica that I found to be downright godawful. No, I shall not give names, as that would be above and beyond the level of catiness I'm willing to stoop to. But my message to unpublished writers is simply this: Don't be intimidated by the amount of published authors out there. Their names on ebooks somewhere doesn't make them better at the craft than you. It makes them luckier than you.

Think outside the box. Seek out smaller, more tightly focused companies. Go visit Aphrodite's Apples. Do it now. This new company will have some of the best romantic and erotic literature I have read in a long, long while. If you really want to know if you can cut it in this business, send them an inquiry. They'll tell you.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Welcome to le blog, deluxe edition, wherein I shall bring you ramblings, bullshit, and possibly, on occassion, something worthwhile.