Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Great Review for Leading Her to Heaven

Romantic Times Bookreviews has a 4 star review of Leading Her to Heaven in their September issue. Faith Smith says "[Jamison's] well-rendered hero and heroine make this a refreshing page-turner."

More updates...later.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Oh my darling boy, I have you now. Frick I'm excited. As some of you know, the Satyr crack Elizabeth Amber writes is my latest obsession (though I admit I'm ready to pee myself in anticipation for Acheron too). I first read Elizabeth's work by judging it for an RWA chapter awards, and absolutely fell in love with Nicholas, so much so that I fangirled Elizabeth almost immediately and preordered the second and third books in the series the same day I finished it. Lyon, the third and youngest brother has been my favorite character since his introduction in book one, and thus far, his book has not disappointed. My only lament is that once I've finished it, I've finished it. I've actually had the book for two days and simply looked at it, fanned the pages, carried it back and forth. Last night I finally cracked it open.

Perhaps the best thing about these books is that I never expected to enjoy them. In fact, when I read the prologue to Nicholas I thought I was going to loathe the book. Amber touches on some subjects that are...well...freakin' weird. She addresses them so seamlessly, though, that before long these issues didn't seem weird anymore, but downright commonplace. That, to me, is the mark of a brilliant writer.

In unrelated news, "Unspeakable," my Regency-set short originally published with Aphrodite's Apples has been contracted with Red Rose Publishing. Not only that, I have a kick ass cover, done by Adra Steia. Check it out!