Monday, October 30, 2006

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Review for Svetkavista

"Svetkavista by Kayleigh Jamison is a wonderful novel of love and revenge. Ms. Jamison’s beautifully written and researched tale grabbed me at the start and wouldn’t let go. The characters are brilliantly written and their reactions to situations are very real and emotional.
I highly recommend Svetkavista to lovers of historical novels."
-Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

Full Review.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Lifted up
held down,
locked in oblivion,
elusive release to seek the
Ties that bind,
abrade the skin
Free the mind.

Cold steel and warm breath
That erotic glide,
parting flesh
Rolling heat
down soft thighs, released
Fueling the inner beast
Mutual satisfaction
hunger satisfied.

Razor wire strung
Through barren streets
displayed, perfected.
Crafted for your private collection
Wings spread wide
your prized possession.

In darkness you found me,
And in surrender I died
Longing to become
your sacrosanct angel,
my heart was lost,
my broken soul not restored
but instead - crucified.

Did you come to me
or did I lure you here?
I fear to want to know.
Before I get lost again
I'll cling to your warmth,
let desire grow.
Tear me up,
Tease me purple, while we hide.
I'll bite my tongue
and with crimsoned lips
paint you red inside.
I'll spread you atop me
Onyx across Porcelain
We'll crash together
`till we become marble,
and when it's over?
We're left Alone

Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Rave Review for Leading Her to Heaven

This review made me cry. I love this chick!!

"...I first learned of Leading Her to Heaven when the author, Kayleigh Jamison, posted an excerpt to a Yahoo Group I am a member of. The excerpt she posted that day captured my interest immediately and I began counting the days until the book’s release date. When that day finally came, I bought it and read the entire book in on evening, reluctant to put it down until the end. The excerpt I had read was fantastic, but the whole book was phenomenal!
The author has created an almost perfect role model in heroine Susanna, a woman who is very progressive and learned for her time. In addition, she is strong, caring, and just with a delicious wit. That said, Susanna makes some questionable choices at times, which serves to keep her character believable rather than iconic. After all, who of us always makes the right choices? These flaws ensure Susanna is a woman we can readily identify with.
Blair makes his share of mistakes as well, but all along we are allowed omniscience to each of the lead characters thoughts, and see that his mistakes were made with the purest of motivations. Knowing his heart makes him absolutely endearing and our heart breaks with his as he searches for a way to make his intended bride, Susanna, fall in love with him as deeply as he has for her.
Jamison carries us through a range of emotions throughout the story, at times inciting laughter and other bringing us to tears with the depth of these characters commitment and sacrifice. While there is some non-sexual violence in the story, it is never gratuitous, and serves to further the story appropriately.
I will remember Blair and Susanna for a long time, and re-read their story time and time again..."

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Five Cup Review for Leading Her to Heaven

Coffee Time Romance has given Leading Her to Heaven 5 Cups!

"This book is a hot and exciting ride! While Susanna is the epitome of a young lady, her rebellious parts, the parts that like to cuss and enjoy sex, make her very endearing. Blair is the typical man without a clue when it comes to women. I loved reading about his reactions to her more rebellious parts, which it turns out is one of the reasons he falls in love with her. The sex is blistering hot! The secondary characters provide a great foil for this couple and make the story that much more fun as they increase the emotional tension. I highly recommend this book!"

Regina Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Monday, October 09, 2006

Join the authors of Aphrodite's Apples tonight at The Romance Studio! We'll be discussing our upcoming Halloween anthology, Spellbound - Tales of Mischief & Mayhem!

October 9th, Monday9 PM EST
The Romance Studio

From here on out, Aphrodite's Apples is scheduled at 9 pm EST on the first Monday of every month at TRS. So mark November 6th, December 4th, etc at same time, same place! ;)