Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Big Announcements!

First, my work is now availabe through FictionWise!

Your favorite Aphrodite's Apples titles are up for sale now at!

See what the buzz is about at and don't be afraid to take a bite!

Second, my short story, A Scandalous Arrangement, has been accepted for publication with Freya's Bower!

Lady Anna Boscawen has long known that her brother, the Viscount Falmoth, was squandering away the family fortune on gambling and women. She didn't realize his situation was so desperate that he was willing to sell her into the service of Madame Girou, owner of the most notorious brothel in London, to settle his debts. Furious and frightened, Anna finds herself catapulted into the scandalous seedy underbelly of the Ton. Like all of Madame Girou's girls, she is given a new name, and then auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Vere Fane, Earl of Westmorland, is no stranger to Madame Girou's establishment. Rich, powerful, and devilishly handsome, he visits the brothel often to indulge his carnal inclinations, inflicting both pleasure and pain upon the women he alternately ravages and worships. Vere is instantly drawn to Madame Girou's new girl, Rose. Most intriguing is the barely-restrained passion he senses in her, hidden beneath her well-mannered facade. And it seems the earl has a few secrets of his own.

Throughout the story, Vere leads Anna through a whirlwind of emotion, teaching her to find the ultimate freedom, in submission.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Regency Romp Out Today!

Available today from Aphrodite's Apples Press with including a work by 2007 EPPIE winner and best-selling author, Emma Wildes!

Romance. Intrigue. Corsets.

Rakes and ladies, midnight trysts.

They say gossip is cheap, but the Ton knows better...Come explore its secretive, seductive world!

Rose Among the Heather

When Duke Edward Sinclair returned home from war with Napoleon he found his mother had a ball planned with the castle filled to the rafters with guests for at least two weeks. All Edward wanted to do was forget war without being forced to be nice to a bunch of people he didn't know. Without even a place to sit at the table of his own castle a Rose among the Scottish heather offers him space next to her. With her own husband dead from the same war, Rose knows how bad things were, she's not about to let Edward go without comfort in a house where no one understands. And some comfort only a woman can give.

About the author: Jennifer Mueller
As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya a few years back I traveled quite a bit and now I just wish I was. A lot of the places I've written about I've been to, a lot of them I haven't. Rafting on the Nile in Uganda, living in a Montana ghost town, African safaris, European youth hostels, the Black Hills of South Dakota all fill my scrapbooks. Now a daughter takes up most of those pages, but I still travel in my head every time I write..


Frederick Barrington has it pretty easy. He's a regular patron at Madam Moon's establishment, as well as an opium dealer, which keeps him in with the amounts money he is accustomed to. Only one problem arises when at Madam Moon's establishment: Selina.

Juliana Williams has run away from her home, after her father's untimely death. Finding solace in the most unlikely of places, she agrees to go home with Mr Barrington when he pays Moon her asking price for a single weekend only.

About the author: Nikki Watson spends her time in candle lit, incense burning rooms where she sits in front of her laptop lifeline, writing away with a mad intensity that often has her forgetting to eat, sleep or remember what time it is she's supposed to leave for school.

She is currently in the middle of two diplomas; one in Professional Writing and Editing, which she will finish this year, and a second in Visual Arts, majoring in Photography.

Of Licorice and Decadence

Klauss von Alstyne is the most celebrated composer of the Empire – and recently, the most uninspired. Upon meeting stage beauty Nicolette Neville, he is soon caught in the wild rush of exhilarating pursuit. In chasing Nicolette, will Klauss also find his elusive mistress, the Muse? Of Licorice and Decadence explores the primitive lust of man simmering beneath a refined show of civility.

About the author: Katrina Strauss grew up on sneak-peeks at her grandmother's forbidden romance novels. As she matured, Katrina fell sway to the underground goth and fetish scenes where she was introduced to more scintillating erotica. Inspired to pen her own erotic twist on the timeless genre of romance, Katrina's resulting works explore the darker side of love. The characters from Of Licorice and Decadence also appear in Katrina's novel Lessons Learned, the Regency installment of her Eldritch Legacy series.


Trevor Caufield has always prided himself on being a consummate rake…until a clandestine meeting with a mysterious, strangely silent woman in a darkened hallway. Setting out to pursue Emma Hatton with purely selfish intentions, he discovers emotions that transcend his formerly uncomplicated existence and teach him that true love has no need for words.

About the author: With a Bachelors degree in English and Philosophy and a Certification in Paralegal Studies, Kayleigh Jamison spends her days attending law school, and her nights immersed in the rich fantasy worlds of her imagination. Though some would consider her two chosen professions at odds with each other, Kayleigh wholeheartedly disagrees, citing the importance of both the written word and human interaction involved in both fiction and the law. She currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her two precocious felines, Angel and Jack.

At the Lady's Discretion

The Duke of Hartley is jaded, sophisticated, and fascinated by his new mistress. The lady in question is beautiful, but there is an edge to her that he has to admit is new to his experience. Louisa Drury experienced a less than perfect marriage. If she going to give herself to the wickedly dashing Duke, it will be on her own terms. Exclusively. Yes, the affair has to be entirely at her discretion...

Emma Wildes is the author of over twenty novels, most of them set in the Regency period. She loves history, and she loves to hear from her readers. Please visit her at