Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rant Post

First, a disclaimer (kind of). Writing is my profession (ok, one of them). As such I try at all times to be a professional. There are some who claim this includes never saying an unkind word about anyone for any reason or offering any opinions. I disagree. Perhaps that's due to my other profession and my inherently argumentative nature. But to me being a writer is having opinions. It's opening up my brain and throwing it all on paper for anyone to see. I can't not have opinions. Every time you open one of my books you get my opinions. What I think is desirable, what I find attractive, what I find distasteful. You step into my world. Then that my world becomes your world as you bring your own experiences and opinions to the table.

I haven't ranted in a while. And ironically, the last time I did, it was about this very same topic.

The so-called "history gestapo." Okay, so that's a distasteful word, but honestly I can't think of one more appropriate. You know who I mean: those people that think they are an expert on every historical era and take it upon themselves to nitpick things to death. I'm not talking about readers, either, I'm talking about other authors.

The ones who feel the need to tell you your stories aren't up to par. Without ever having read them.

The ones who say "bloody hell" is out of place in a Regency because the phrase wasn't used then. Actually, yes, it was. The thing of it is that "bloody" was a very naughty word. A gentleman would no sooner say "bloody" in front of a lady than he would drop the f-bomb. Unless he was really damn pissed off.

The ones who say, "I'm glad you call your work 'history rewritten' since you don't really write history." It's been months since Author X said that little gem to me and I'm still holding a grudge.

The ones who are flat out rude, overbearing snots.

In short, if I wanted your opinion, Author X, I'd ask for it. I don't, so I haven't, and every time you give it you only come across as jealous, petty, and threatened.

Bloody hell, you do.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The List

That goofball Stella Price tagged me to give my "Celebrity Shag List," of the top ten celebrity men I'd love to sink my teeth into. She and I have some similar tastes so there's a lot of overlap between my list and hers. Without further ado...

1. Colin Farrell. Also, 'nuff said. Stella and I have observed this particular specimen in detail, including artistic physiological studies and documentary footage. Conclusion: yum.

2. Johnny Depp. Versatile. Talented. Looks really good covered in blood.

3. Matthew McFadyen. I know a lot of people prefer Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Not me. This is my Mr. Darcy, and how pretty pretty he is. He also looks a bit like Trevor Caufield from my own "Unspeakable."

4. Christian Bale

5. Sean Bean. Sebastian, the hero in my latest novel, Reckless Liaisons, originally bore a resemblance to Sean Bean in my head. As the story has progressed, he's mutated and doesn't really look like anyone anymore, except himself.

6. Ryan Reynolds

7. Gerard Butler

8. Michael Fassbender

9. Hugh Jackman may have influenced Vere Fane, the sexy, dominant Earl in "A Scandalous Arrangement."

10. Adrian Paul. The inspiration for Blair Ruthven in Leading Her to Heaven.

Svetkavista Now in Print!


Kayleigh Jamison

Tease Publishing

ISBN: 987-1-934678-42-8 (ebook)

ISBN: 9781934678435 (print)



Trapped within a life where she has always been an outsider, Karina dutifully follows the wishes of her father by day, and secretly pursues her dreams by night. Raised within the strict, patriarchal society of the Rom at a time when discrimination and fear are at their peak, she is forced to hide both her love of music and her passion for those who encourage her dreams.

She seeks comfort in the arms of her dearest friend and mentor, who shows her that love and lust rarely confine themselves to the ill-conceived notions of normalcy.

When a lie, spoken in a moment of desperation, threatens to shatter everything Karina holds dear, she must choose between those she loves and her own reputation. Will the truth set her free or destroy her? Does she have the courage to follow her own heart?

If you are looking for a lyrical voice, superb characters that draw you in, and fascinating out of the ordinary historical adventure with an erotic twist, I cannot recommend Kayleigh Jamison enough.

-Emma Wildes, #1 bestselling author and 2007 Eppie winner

Ms. Jamison has penned an absolutely stunning and adventure tale that drew me in from page one, to the point that I forgot everything but the story unfolding before me.

-Caro, Coffee Time Romance, 5 cups

Svetkavista…is a wonderful novel of love and revenge…grabbed me at the start and wouldn’t let go.

-Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

Rarely does a novel come along with the ability to capture passion and pain, honesty and love so completely. Sensuous, heartfelt and truly beautiful, Svetkavista is one of the best romance reads of the year.

-Kelly, AORAOG Reviews

…a riveting story; I couldn’t stop reading it and really didn’t want it to end.

-Julianne, TwoLips Reviews, 4 stars

Wow, just one extraordinary, unique story!

-Cathie, Euro Reviews, 5 stars

I don't hesitate to recommend this complex story; it thrilled me with its involved plot lines and kept me reading late into the night.

-Chamomile, Whipped Cream Reviews, 5 Cherries


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

On Writing

I'm blogging today at Ecata about writing historical romance. Stop by and check it out.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

And you probably did, since I was so nervous about my first radio show appearance that I didn't tell anyone, you can listen to it here. I spent an hour chatting with Stella Price on Books Beyond the Boundaries about my work, the industry, research, pets, life, and more!