Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The List

That goofball Stella Price tagged me to give my "Celebrity Shag List," of the top ten celebrity men I'd love to sink my teeth into. She and I have some similar tastes so there's a lot of overlap between my list and hers. Without further ado...

1. Colin Farrell. Also, 'nuff said. Stella and I have observed this particular specimen in detail, including artistic physiological studies and documentary footage. Conclusion: yum.

2. Johnny Depp. Versatile. Talented. Looks really good covered in blood.

3. Matthew McFadyen. I know a lot of people prefer Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Not me. This is my Mr. Darcy, and how pretty pretty he is. He also looks a bit like Trevor Caufield from my own "Unspeakable."

4. Christian Bale

5. Sean Bean. Sebastian, the hero in my latest novel, Reckless Liaisons, originally bore a resemblance to Sean Bean in my head. As the story has progressed, he's mutated and doesn't really look like anyone anymore, except himself.

6. Ryan Reynolds

7. Gerard Butler

8. Michael Fassbender

9. Hugh Jackman may have influenced Vere Fane, the sexy, dominant Earl in "A Scandalous Arrangement."

10. Adrian Paul. The inspiration for Blair Ruthven in Leading Her to Heaven.

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Mari said...

Yum yum!!!