Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello Darlings!

Long time no update, I know. Things have been rather out of control here of late, so I do apologize for not keeping you abreast of, well, me. A few important announcements:

1. Aphrodite's Apples Press will officially open its doors July 28th!

2. In relation to AA's launch, Svetkavista will be released July 28th! I had originally announced September, well, boy was I off by a few months. My debut novel will be for sale in electronic format in less than a month's time, and available in print later this year.

Several reviewers currently have ARCs of Svetkavista and I am experience heart palpitations on a collosal scale.

3. I took a break from my WIP, Leading Her to Heaven, to write a short story for an upcoming AA Anthology. Caging Kat follows the antics of one fiesty, sarcastic art thief who finds herself on the opposite end of a pursuit for once, and the man who has his eye on her isn't just any man - he's Ares, Greek God of War and Manliness. How long do you think Kat can hold out? Longer than I could with a testosterone laden god seducing me at every turn, I'll tell you that much.

4. Aphrodite's Apples is still accepting submissions for its Masquerade Anthology. If you're a writer who enjoys a touch of intrigue, a dab of anonymity, and a boatload of sexy fun, why not check out the Invitation and see what your imagination conjures!

While you're waiting for Svetkavista's release, and pondering the many suggestions of your Muse, why not check out Aphrodite's Apples Bites? A free ebook teaser with sneak peaks of upcoming titles from AA, you can read an excerpt from Svetkavista, not to mention whet your appetite for Katrina Strauss's Secrets Revealed, HS Kinn's Immortal Reveries, and much more!

And if you get bored with all of that (what, do you never sleep?), I demand you check out the Sexy Authors With Attitude and treat yourself to some of the new titles released by my dear partners in sexiness, including recent releases from:

Emma Wildes - the woman writes so fast I can't keep up (I still love her!!), just go to her website to check out her fifty nine new books;

Jamie Hill - I Dream of Eugene is available and she also has a short in the newest Whiskey Creek Press Torrid anthology, Summer Sizzlers;

Darragha Foster - Teaching Old Gods New Tricks, Book One is for sale, and people it is GOOD;

D. Musgrave - Performance Review

Jude Mason - An Acquired Taste

then read some older, but still great titles by the rest of the SAWAS:

Cheri Valmont - Sweet Summer Rain

Skyler Grey - Chamberlain's Knight

Nicole Getridge - Shielded Heart and Captured Heart

Michele Houston - Another one who has too many damn books to list. ;)

Alright, done with all that? Well it must be July 28th by now, go buy my book!



Anonymous said...

Gee, is it July 28 already???? Time does fly when your drinking beer...

Nice blog entry,Kay! Looking forward to Svetkavista!

Heather K said...

She's nothing if not thorough. Wait till she edits for you! ;-)