Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ebook Piracy - Just Say No!

It's a shame, folks, that my first post of substance in a long while has to be on such an unpleasant subject. But I think it important enough to come out of my hibernation (induced by much studying for finals) and drop a few words.

Copying, redistributing, or reselling ebooks in any way, shape, or form, is illegal. It is a violation of copyright no different than sharing MP3s, dvds, or movies. It was brought to the attention of EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection, of which I am a member) that there are a number of sites on the Internet proclaiming to sell "used" copies of ebooks. There's no such thing as a "used" ebook, my friends. If you want the book, buy it from the publisher or an authorized seller such as Fictionwise or Mobipocket. If you're looking to buy a used book, go to a book store and pick up a used print copy.

These "resellers" are appearing, for the most part, in the form of WordPress blogs, which post a list of books and a PayPal link for payment. If you're unsure as to the validity of a seller, go directly to the publisher's website, and purchase from them, or contact them and ask if that person is an authorized distributor of the book.

Several months ago I blogged about people selling ARCs on Ebay. This is basically the same thing. Authors will get no royalties from the sale of a "used" ebook. This isn't even the free sharing of pirated work, this is one person making money off another's work. You may think, oh, who cares? Well, I care. I'm not making thousands of dollars from my writing. I'm not even making hundreds of dollars. Don't mistinterpret: I don't write for the money. If I never make another dime from my work, I'll still write. It's as much as necessity for me as breathing. But to see someone else profit from my blood, sweat, and tears is absolutely infuriating.

Please do your part to stop ebook piracy. If you come across a "reseller", contact the author and let them know or, if you're so inclined, contact the site administrator (such as WordPress) and inform them of what you've found. Since this information broke just this morning, two sites have been shut down by WordPress. Your watchful eye can and will make a difference.

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RK Sterling said...

Thanks for bringing this to light, Kayleigh. How infuriating!

I hope you are suriving your finals! :)