Thursday, April 05, 2007

You're Invited!

Aphrodite's Apples Press is sponsoring a Marketing and Promotion Workshop, open to all who wish to attend!

Stella and Audra Price are a powerhouse sister team who write dark fantasy erotic romance. They have books published with Mardi Gras Publishing, PHAZE, and Forbidden Publications, and upcoming releases with Tease Publishing and more. They've got 8 books out now, and will have 10 by May. All of their books explore the Eververse - their self-constructed, gritty world with creatures from humans to demons, weresnakes to vampires, unicorns to fallen angels. Sugar & Sin: A Tale of the Eververse was LRC's Best Erotica of the Year and Best Book of the Year for 2006. Personally, I've read everything they've put out and love it all.

The sisters are also highly successful at promotion. When I purchased their most recent release, Fire in His Eyes, they sent me a promo packet, which contained magnets, book marks, book thongs, business cards, buttons, stickers (which say "I do it demon style"! i now have that clipped to my laptop bag and i cart it around law school) and more. Not only does Stella know what works and what doesn't, she knows where to get materials for her promo, and where to get it cheap, if not free. You do not have to spend a thousand dollars to promote yourself.

Stella has agreed to come and talk to us about how to promote effectively. Mark your calendars for Saturday May 5th on our Yahoo! Chat Group.

Feel free to invite other authors you are friends with, and come ready to ask away.


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