Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Dark Side of RT

Last week, as many of you know, was Romantic Times' annual convention, this year set in Houston, Texas. I wish I could have attended, but with final exams (which I am now in the thick of) it wasn't feasible. Many friends were there - Stella and Audra Price, Adra Steia, Skyler Grey, Wendi Felter, and more. They seem to have had a fantastic experience, only increasing my jealousy at being stuck in sweaty Florida studying Civil Procedure and Property law.

Not so for Laura Baumbach, an award winning author of m/m erotic romance. She was subjected to a rather nauseating series of discriminatory events that makes my blood boil.

Read her experience here: and join me in the dignified wtfery.

I don't write m/m, nor do I have any interest in it. But that does not mean I don't support people who do. In retrospect, it's a damn good thing I wasn't there, because if I'd caught wind of this, my big mouth would have raised a stink the likes of which they've never encountered before.

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