Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sharon Cullars Chip In Auction

Hi all:

Some of you may be familiar with author Sharon Cullars and her recent struggle to keep her home. Emma Peterson, Karen Scott, and others have organized an auction to help raise money. Many authors (including Nalini Singh, Lorelei James, and Shiloh Walker), editors, promoters, designers, and reviewers have donated items to the auction, which will be held January 19th. I have offered up autographed copies of every work of mine in print, as well as an ebook bundle of ALL of my titles in electronic format. Information on each is below.

If you have anything you'd like to donate yourself, there's still time. Visit the auction site for information on how. These are difficult times for everyone. I myself have no steady income other than student loan checks and quarterly royalties. I know many others have lost their homes, their jobs, or both. A very close author friend of mine just moved her family across the country after her husband was laid off from his job, only for him to be laid off again, a month after their arrival.

That's why it's important to help when, where, and how we can. To band together as a community of book lovers and show we DO care about each other.

Leading Her to Heaven

Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1-934678-45-9

Trade Paperback 224 pages


Historical Erotic Romance

As the eldest daughter of an English earl, Lady Susanna Cavendish has led a sheltered life of privilege and leisure. She has been taught that her northern cousins, the Scots, are barbaric heathens with no regard for culture or civilization.

Notorious warrior Blair Ruthven is laird of the fiercest clan in Scotland. Born into a society rife with blood feuds and an engrained hatred for the English, Blair learns at an early age that trust and love do little more than damn and disappoint.

Forced into marriage by feuding kings in order to forge a political union between their countries, Blair and Susanna must learn to find peace between themselves as they battle ages-old prejudices – and vie for one another's hearts.


Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1-934678-43-5

Trade Paperback 216 pages


Historical Erotic Romance/GLBT Romance

(warning: contains explicit m/f, f/f, and f/f/m)

Trapped within a life where she has always been an outsider, Karina dutifully follows the wishes of her father by day, and secretly pursues her dreams by night. Raised within the strict, patriarchal society of the Rom at a time when discrimination and fear are at their peak, she is forced to hide both her love of music and her passion for those who encourage her dreams.

She seeks comfort in the arms of her dearest friend and mentor, who shows her that love and lust rarely confine themselves to the ill-conceived notions of normalcy.

When a lie, spoken in a moment of desperation, threatens to shatter everything Karina holds dear, she must choose between those she loves and her own reputation. Will the truth set her free or destroy her? Does she have the courage to follow her own heart?


Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1604359350

Trade Paperback 70 pages


Historical (Regency-set) Erotic Romance

Trevor Caufield has always prided himself on being a consummate rake...until a clandestine meeting with a mysterious, strangely silent woman in a darkened hallway. Setting out to pursue Emma Hatton with purely selfish intentions, he discovers emotions that transcend his formerly uncomplicated existence and teach him that true love has no need for words.

Caging Kat

Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1-934678-83-1

Ebook Only

Paranormal Erotic Romance

2009 FANTASM Finalist - Best Overall Speculative Romance, Short Story

An infamous art thief, Kaitlin lives a life most can only dream of. There's one problem, though - she's bored. When a mysterious invitation to a masquerade ball appears in her mailbox, she decides to attend on a whim.

Ares, God of War, has had his eyes on the feisty Kat for some time. But can he win her over with only one night to tame her wild heart? Can he get what he's always wanted by fulfilling her deepest desires?

Eyes Like Yours

Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1-60435-000-5

Ebook Only

Paranormal Erotic Romance

What happens when your dream become a reality or does it?

Each night is the same. A handsome, mysterious stranger visits Catherine in her dreams, never allowing her to see his face, and leaving her body satisfied, but her heart wanting more. With a chance encounter in the smoky confines of a night club puts Caroline face to face with a man whose eyes seem eerily familiar, dreams and reality colliding in a way that frightens and inflames her. Are her dreams real? Is Blake the key to her future – and her past?

And be one of the first to get my upcoming book, the first full-length novel I've put out in over two years, RELEASING MARCH 1:

Reckless Liaisons

Kayleigh Jamison

ISBN 13: 978-1-934912-13-3

Trade Paperback: 204 pages


Historical (Regency-set) Romance

Was she a second chance at love—
or his golden opportunity for revenge?

Sebastian Cade, reclusive Duke of Rutland, has gone to great lengths to withdraw from the London society he's come to despise. Still reeling from betrayal and tragedy, he finds himself powerfully attracted to his lovely new raven-haired ward—so much so that he begins to question the last five years of his life.

When Julia Deveraux awakens in the Duke's rose garden, the memories flood back. A betrothal she detests. The great black horse stolen from her father. Her near escape … Now under Sebastian's care, she sees the rumors of his disfigurement are far from true. But will her secret connection to his sworn enemy tear them apart before love brings them together?

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