Monday, April 20, 2009

Count Up, Count Down!

Yes, folks, it has been:

A month and a half since Reckless Liaisons hit the shelves. Sebastian is very pleased!

And it is:

2 days until the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando. If you are attending, please do hunt me down and say hi! I will be handing out goodies at the Expo on Wednesday, handing out goodies at a meet and greet with Stella Price, Larissa Ione, Jacki Frank, Jenna Black, Bianca D'Arc, Robin Slick, and Eliza Gayle on Thursday, and handing out goodies and signing books on Saturday at the Book Fair. (See a recurring theme? Come get goodies!)

26 days until I graduate from law school.

28 days until I move back to Maryland.

3 months until I sit for the Bar.

Perhaps you can see why I've been a bit quite lately!

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