Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop

Hello dear readers!

First, an apology. I set up my blog hop contest post to publish on the day we launched, and apparently it is now lost in the Intarwebz ether. Thank you for letting me know!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook probably already know that my awesome, fantastic, wonderful girlfriend had major surgery earlier this month, so it has been a very busy December for me, with work and back and forths to Philadelphia where she was hospitalized. She came home yesterday - at long last! - and I've been at her place ever since. I appreciate your patience as I juggle, and your well wishes for her swift recovery! She is doing well.

Now, on to the good stuff:

The Grand Prize: A Nook Color pre-loaded with tons of awesome books. Enter to win here!*

*Unfortunately, due to shipping constraints, grand prize eligibility is limited to US residents.

Books included in the grand prize:

A Brush of Darkness -Allison Pang
A Hard Habit to Break – KC Kendricks
Angel in the Middle – Marie Dees
Betting on Hope – Kay Keppler
Blood of the Maple – Dana Marie Bell
Cry Wolf – Angela Campbell
Dearly Departed – Lia Habel
Entanglements – PR Mason
Eris – D. Renee Bagby
Golden – Joely Sue Burkhart
Grey’s Lady – Natasha Blackthorne
Her Dark Knight – Sharon Cullen
Hunting Kat – PJ Schnyder
Knight of Runes – Ruth A. Casie
Leading Her To Heaven – Kayleigh Jamison
Love on Cloud Nine – Linda Andrews
Lust on the Rocks – Dianne Venetta
Men of the Sea Anthology – Eliza Knight
Murdering Eve – Kelly Lee
Redaction – Linda Andrews
Relearning the Ropes – DC Juris
Risking Trust – Adrienne Giordano
Shadows & Dust – Yvonne Nicolas
Sloane Wolf – Margay Leah Justice
Snowy Encounters – Clarissa Yip
Soul Catcher – Vivi Andrews
The Alchemist’s Perfect Instrument – AL Davroe
The Demon He Knows – RA Vaughn
The Fallen Queen – Jane Kindred
The Knife’s Edge – Stephanie Draven
Underdead – Liz Jasper
What Not To Fear – Robert C. Roman
White Hot Christmas: Santa’s Claws – Stephanie Burke

For my individual prize, I will give you copies of my entire back list in your choice of e-book or print. Comment below to win. (Note: a few of my titles are e-book only)


Ronda Tutt said...

Merry Christmas Sweetie and what a nice gift you are giving away, I would love to have any of your books from your back list.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Ronda Tutt

Andrea I said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!


Helen said...

What an awesome giveaway! I would love a chance to read your books.
helldog3 at

Anne said...

Thanks for participating in the hop.

Cheena said...

Happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful, bright new year.

kswilladsen @ hotmail . com

Mary Jo said...

Merry Christmas!
I'd love to have you books! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

maryjooller at yahoo dot com

mcv said...

This is a fabulous giveaway! Hope I win something!

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you for the excellent giveaway. I hope you have a joyous and safe holiday season. I would love to have any of your books.

seriousreader at live dot com

Pyper541 said...

Absolutely loved the books I've read by you, great giveaway and the blog hop has led me to a lot of great blogs! Thanks.

June M. said...

Wow! Great giveaway! I do hope your gf is doing better and that you both have a wonderful holiday.
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Michelle Bledsoe said...

What a wonderful gift you are giving.
Merry Christmas and speedy recovery to your girlfriend. May your holidays be blessed.

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Hillary Jacques said...

Best wishes to your girlfriend on a quick recovery. :)

(and you aren't alone on the pre-programmed posting glitching - I programmed mine for the wrong day)

Happy Holidays!

killary AT gmail DOT com
Impudent Hatchlings -

Meghan Page said...

Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

meghan_L_P at hotmail dot com

Shadow said...

Merry Christmas! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Your entire backlist? Pick me, pick me! lol Thank you for the chance to win! Wishing you happy holidays! ;)

Melissa Haggerty said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!


Penny Kathleen said...

Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Glad your girlfriend is doing well and hope you both have an amazing holiday!


MamaElk said...

First, I'm glad your friend is home, and doing well. What a wonderful friend you are for staying with her.

OHHH myyyy~ What a spectacular prize! That is a readers dream! Holding my breath :)

Thank you participating in this.
Happy Holidays!
mamaelk1113 at gmail dot com
MAMAELK1113 Twitter3
GFC Mamaelk
FB sonia remo ait

Kim S. said...

Wow, you are very generous with your contribution to the blog hop!

Happy Holidays to all!!

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