Monday, October 15, 2007

Things That Rock. Things That Suck.

Things That Rock.

Loose Id, a well-established and respected e-publisher (and home of Katrina Strauss' Blue Ruin series) announced last week that they have bid on the contractual rights to novels tied up in Triskelion's bankruptcy proceedings. If successful, Loose Id will then release all contracts at no cost to the author. According to Treva Harte, some authors will receive offers to contract with Loose Id. If they decline, however, they will also be released with no charge.

Loose Id's intentions in bidding on the contracts are fourfold: (1) to
facilitate the unencumbered acquisition of works offered to the company by
former Triskelion authors; (2) to assist authors in securing release or
reversion of rights to their work; (3) to potentially acquire and
re-publish top flight manuscripts that match Loose Id's publishing
guidelines; and (4) to reassure authors pursuing e-publishing careers of the
sound business practices and corporate ethics of reputable e-publishers.
I applaud Loose Id for this kick ass gesture.

And for another thing that rocks, check out my new cover, for Reckless Liaisons. Adra Steia rocks, and the cover rocks. Oh, and the book rocks too. Yay.

Things That Suck.

This wanker's blog entry about how to write your own novel. Apparently genre novels are easy peasy. Apparently there are also novels that don't have a genre. Apparently all one must do to write one's own book is to read someone else's book, take notes, and emulate. I won't even bother going into why that's a pile of horse crap, since I believe my own readers to be far more intelligent than said wanker apparently does.

Sucky thing no. 2 is the unconfirmed news that Twilight Fantasies, another small and relatively new e-pub, has closed its doors. That makes...well, a bunch so far in 2007: Triskelion, Mardi Gras, Venus (or was that 2006? hell I don't know), Stardust, and at least one other I can't remember at the moment. Plus Lovestruck Books, while it is not closing, is not releasing any new books from what I've heard. This is even more reason to commend Loose Id's maneuver. E-pubs are dropping like flies. I suppose it's unsurprising, considering the ease with which they open. You know what they say about that. Whoever they are, of course. Which is an entirely different blog post all together. But for now, I have to go back to my easy as pie genre novel writing.

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